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Rebele by Georgette Polizzi  Georgette Polizzi

Georgette Polizzi is born in Vicenza in 1982. A rouch childhood doesn't stop her and doesn't stop her believing in dreams. Georgette tries always to live with determination without giving up the desire to succeed. In 2011, indeed, she starts her career into the world of fashion that will take her to become a successful artist-designer collaborating with famous brands. In 2017 she launches her brand “Georgettepol” based on the uniqueness of garments. For the FW21/22 season, “by chance” as Georgette likes to point out, the collaboration with Rebelle is born. The artist contributed to the creation of the capsule Rebelle by Georgette Polizzi: real leather handmade bags cutomized by the artist using unthinkable tools: pots, knives, biker boots... The result is a bold collection that doen't go unnoticed.


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Clean lines, black and white...typical 90's minimalism. The fall/winter 21 Rebelle image sends a clear message: Back to the origin. When a brand was showing the product pure as it was without charging to much its own image. Basic garments, to highlight only the craftsmanship and the bright colours of the new collection. Conceptual design almost geometrical that turns each picture into an avant-gardist image that focuses on the future without ever losing an eye on the subject's essence.

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