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REBELLE launches for the second season its campaign #MYPOV YOUR VOICE, a dynamic project addressed both to women vision and their empowerment.

REBELLE wants to give space to all women through a precise concept: women talks, who make their way aware both of their strength and determination that goes with them along the way to a future for everybody and more feminine.

In the spotlight: women, their voice and the perseverance of the female universe. Through forceful women portraits able to inspire a positive energy wave, REBELLE wants to give voice to women so that each one is able to express its own vision, its own life point of view.

Each month, a fixed appointment: discover Rebelle faces who have inspired us, look at the interviews on our social accounts and listen to them on the REBELLE official channel on Spotify.

Rebele by Georgette Polizzi  Georgette Polizzi

Georgette Polizzi is born in Vicenza in 1982. A rouch childhood doesn't stop her and doesn't stop her believing in dreams. Georgette tries always to live with determination without giving up the desire to succeed. In 2011, indeed, she starts her career into the world of fashion that will take her to become a successful artist-designer collaborating with famous brands. In 2017 she launches her brand “Georgettepol” based on the uniqueness of garments. For the FW21/22 season, “by chance” as Georgette likes to point out, the collaboration with Rebelle is born. The artist contributed to the creation of the capsule Rebelle by Georgette Polizzi: real leather handmade bags cutomized by the artist using unthinkable tools: pots, knives, biker boots... The result is a bold collection that doen't go unnoticed.


Bestsellers of our latest collection


Bag is a very essential accessory for every woman and it should always be carefully chosen. Some women love the matchy-matchy style and combine it with the nuance of their shoes; others, love the “catchy” style, i.e. the bag in stark contrast to the outfit in order to add a dynamic touch to their way of dressing.

Rebelle's collections are able to satisfy the expectations of a wide public: by the businesswoman who needs a large bag for her laptop, to the girl who prefers a minimal but colourful bag for nights out.

Rebelle boasts a big collection both for the research of shades and for the modern design, elements that create bags suitable for all women.

Always considered a must-have, bags have replaced diamonds in the women's heart. The famous song “Diamonds are a girl's best friend” by Marilyn Monroe, could be modified to “Bags are a girl's best friend”. A bag completes the look and makes it special.



The bag is the protagonist and the model becomes the accessory. Role swap into the new SS22 Rebelle campaign. Bright coloured strong bags in stark contrast to the model who often hides her face thanks to a discrete posing almost in the background.

All eyes on the best-sellers of the season that are the undisputed stars or the campaign.

Leather, straw effect, canvas and nylon are tinged with bright colours and give life to a collection full of never boring shapes and refined details.

Total white evanescent backgroud to highlight even more the super coloured collection. Styles are up-to-date and accompany woman in her h24 life thanks to their being passe-partout.


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