During the FW23 Rebelle continues the path taken by several seasons, giving voice to the point of view of the female universe, focusing more deeply on the theme of violence against women that lately plays a central role in daily press reviews.

The theme aims to be treated by showing the figures that make up a women social Cooperative that deals with the reception and support of women in difficulty operating in the Bologna area and is called WeAreHomies.

The project wants to give voice to 4 figures within the Cooperative:

The founder, who will tell us her point of view on the topic #MYPOV will also illustrate the dream behind her project #MYDREAMS.

An operator, engaged in the field in recovery will tell us about her day #MYPOV and will also tell us about the professional growth path made within the structure #MYDREAMS.

The Cooperative lawyer, who will give us a legal point of view on the issue of female violence #MYPOV telling us what led her to specialize in this area #MYDREAMS.

One of the Cooperative guests, will tell us her story of violence suffered #MYPOV and the vision of hope she found with the help of this Cooperative #MYDREAMS.


Mita Piamonte is a doctor of Psychology, Clinical Pedagogy, Psychomotricist, Trainer and Analyst of Behavior. Alongside his work as a psycho-pedagogical consultant, he deals with training in psychological matters and is president of the WeAreHomies Cooperative, whose mission is to bring support to families in conditions of socio-economic fragility.


Ilaria Bandinelli is an Educator, Designer of educational interventions in Social Distress and Facilitator. She has been involved in the promotion of the culture of mutuality and the prevention of pathological gambling and since 2018 she has been working as an educator for WeAreHomies, bringing support to parents-children living in situations of economic and social hardship.


Since 2016, Maria Valentina Mercuri has been assisting the WeAreHomies Cooperative, dealing with all matters of private and administrative law related to the exercise of her social activities. She has two children, a 4-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy. She is actively involved in the City Parents' Committees, in direct collaboration with the educational instructions of the territory, this year in a gender-based anti-violence project to be carried in kindergartens.


Denise, a guest of the WeAreHomies Cooperative, tells her story, her fears, but also her dream: to live peacefully with her daughter.

Lives intertwining for something new and greater.

The stories of these women, who make the difference, are shared on our social accounts. Follow us to stay informed/ to discover the next developments and all the initiatives we are putting in place both during this season and in the coming.

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