Italian craftsmanship

Rebelle is a brand of bags that celebrates the modern and gritty woman. His creations are made with care and passion by artisans experts in the processing of leather and high quality materials, selected to ensure maximum strength and durability.

Rebelle bags are the emblem of a personal and distinctive style, but at the same time comfortable and practical. Each model has been conceived to accompany the woman at any time of the day, from work to leisure, offering a wide range of models and colors suitable for every outfit.


The design of the Rebelle bags is innovative and contemporary, with a particular attention to detail that reflects the brand’s philosophy. The bright and bold colors of Rebelle bags express the safety of the women who wear them, emphasizing their strong and determined personality.

Rebelle bags are the perfect accessory to express your individuality, with a touch of elegance and refinement. If you are looking for a unique style experience, do not miss the opportunity to explore the Rebelle creations and find the one that best represents your personality.

The Rebelle Women

The women who choose Rebelle bags are determined, bold, sincere, rebellious and, at the same time, concrete and attentive to practicality. They know what they want and are committed to achieving their goals, always preserving their genuineness and refinement.

Thanks to the quality and attention to detail of Rebelle bags, every look becomes an opportunity to express their creativity and originality. Wearing a Rebelle bag means to stand out with style and show your personality with pride.


Rebelle is the fashion brand owned by Pelletterie ABL srl, an Italian company with a ten-year history in the production of leather goods for the main reference companies in the sector. Founded in 2019, Rebelle is the company’s first brand and stands out for its young and fresh style, and for the attention to detail and craftsmanship of the products. The headquarters of the company is located in Santa Maria di Sala, in the province of Venice, an area recognized worldwide for the quality of leather processing.

Pelletterie ABL srl founds its roots in 1947, when the founder Emilio Bernardi began the sale of leather goods traveling with his passion as an entrepreneur in the markets. In 1980, his son Orlando and his wife Neda opened ABL GROUP, the first wholesale of leather goods that marked the beginning of a very successful commercial era. Today the company is led by Orlando’s son, Alessio Bernardi, CEO, together with his sisters, and represents a very successful reality in the Italian leather goods sector.


Rebelle collections are distributed throughout the country thanks to a competent sales network that positions the product in the premium/entry-to-luxury segment in the best stores.

Just a year after its foundation, Rebelle has successfully expanded into European markets such as Austria, Germany, Greece and Portugal, involving distributors and representative offices that convey the brand’s strong corporate know-how and stylistic spirit.

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