Since its foundation, the Rebelle brand has always had an eye particularly attentive to the female sphere and has always wanted to promote being a woman and her emancipation.

For Rebelle, being a woman means being strong, independent and confident. The brand promotes being a woman in all her forms, celebrating the femininity and empowerment of women.


The Rebelle project is a perfect combination of corporate know-how and contemporary design, decades of experience and creative inspiration that give life to creations that do not go unnoticed.

In addition to its range of leather goods products, Rebelle focuses heavily on promoting the inclusion of women and their emancipation in every sector, through different initiatives and projects.


For Rebelle, the woman is in first place, her empowerment has always been a fixture for the brand.

In the professional sector, Rebelle is committed to adopting gender equality policies to promote the inclusion of women; eliminating any discrimination in the recruitment process; creating coaching programs and also promoting their balance between family and work.


But Rebelle doesn’t stop there. With the project #MYPOV #MYDREAMS, now in season three, Rebelle, even during the SS23, gives voice to women, their stories, their determination to achieve the goals they have set themselves.

Giving them the chance to tell their experiences and inspire other women to follow their dreams. You will hear new interviews with women to discover and follow. A moment of entertainment but also of sharing where to talk about being a woman today, the mental or physical rebellion that everyone feels to express against gender stereotypes.

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