#MYPOV 4.0 – Rebelle gives voice to women!

#MYPOV 4.0 – Rebelle gives voice to women!

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REBELLE launches for the second season its campaign #MYPOV YOUR VOICE, a dynamic project addressed both to women vision and their empowerment.

REBELLE wants to give space to all women through a precise concept: women talks, who make their way aware both of their strength and determination that goes with them along the way to a future for everybody and more feminine.

In the spotlight: women, their voice and the perseverance of the female universe. Through forceful women portraits able to inspire a positive energy wave, REBELLE wants to give voice to women so that each one is able to express its own vision, its own life point of view.

Female empowerment and a pinch of rebellion. Whatever the own passions, interests, penchants, desires, whatever the change you want to make in you life: speak up, you are able to achieve any goal.

Women are at the center of the world. Yesterday, a boing 747 with an all-female crew took off from Milan Malpensa airport for the first time in the direction of Seoul. First time in the history of Italian civil aviation: the first all-female flight of many others to come.

Stay connected to our social channels: from this Monday, #MYPOV 4.0 will come to life.

REBELLE gives you voice, REBELLE is each of us. Each month, a fixed appointment: discover Rebelle faces who have inspired us, look at the interviews on our social media and listen to them on the official channel REBELLE on Spotify.



#MYPOV 4.0 – Rebelle gives voice to women!

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